09 May 2013

[TWITTERS UPDATE]Jae's Parents 50th Anniversary, 130503: Kim Jaejoong is a manjjijnam* 'prettier than a woman , ′The Jackal is Coming′ Ranks No. 2 in Audience Satisfaction in Japan, [PIC] 130508 Jaejoong and Moldir Korea featured in TheBeetleMap Magazine (May 2013 Issue)

[Jaejoong's nuna]@Shie486: 오늘...드디어.쭝이의..첫키스를목격했습니다.
trans :
Today…finally. I witnessed Jjoongie’s..first kiss
.What is~~this?? Finally~~ the love you both have is fulfilled???
Jjoongie likes it~~ so much~~
Are you two going to make up now??
Trans by jyj3
Jae's Parents 50th Anniversary~

05 May 2013

Let's Vote Jaejoong as Best Main Vocalist 2013, Jaejoong and others Twitter Updates [Phryme, Jang Geum Suk, Jo Yongwan] and Premiere of Jaejoong’s “Code Name: Jackal” Movie in Japan

credit to the right owner, source ;KJJ tumblr

Come on guys, keep Vote Jaejoong for Best Main Vocalist 2013

It will be closed at 31 May 2013....We still got chance for 29 days left...fighting!
You can vote 19times a day

he is down to #2nd... from #1st  5 days ago, so let's make JJ in #1st again!

he is #4th now

he is #5th now
Fighting! and thanks a lot!

130505 CEO of Sergio Bossi Korea tweeted 

about his rendezvous with Jaejoong 

19 April 2013

[TWITTER] 18.04.2013 Jaejoong's Twitter Update + Sexy Selca/ New DP, [HQ SCANS] 130417 Kim Jaejoong featured in Japanese Magazine “BODA” (April Issue) Part1 & 2,[130417] Jaejoong for NII Summer 2013, [VIDEOS]130413 Kim Jae Joong YOUR MY & MINE in Taipei Part 2 and [INTERVIEW] 130415 Jaejoong interview with Sina Entertainment

[TWITTER] 18.04.2013 Jaejoong's Twitter Update + Sexy Selca/ New DP
[TRANS] Good night v / Noapte buna
New Display Picture / Noua poza de profil
Credit : @bornfreeonekiss
Translated by: @chloe6002
Shared by: JYJ Romania
[HQ SCANS] 130417 Kim Jaejoong featured in Japanese Magazine “BODA” (April Issue) Part 2

18 April 2013

[TRANS, VIDEOS, PICS and Tweets Compilation] 130413 Jaejoong’s Concert & FM ‘Your, My & Mine’ in Taipei, Jaejoong's Twitter Updates, Jaejoong scolds sasaeng fans and [NEWS] 130417 JYJ holds fan exhibition again ‘Big fan service’

130414 Jaejoong Twitter Update

근육도없는 비루한몸이지만 오늘오신 팬분들의 약속을 지키겠나이다..ㅜㅜ
이게 처음이자 마지막입니다.
운동하고 다시 오겠습니다..
암튼 재밌었어요~지금까지모든투어 관람하러와주신 모든분~!감사합니다~!!!!!!!! 

Although this body is nothing much, even with no muscles, I have to keep my promise to 
those who have came today..ㅜㅜ This will be the first and the last as well. I'll be back again 
after I exercise.. Anyway, it was fun~To everyone who had came to watch my tour till 
now~! Thank you~!!!!!!!! 

cre: @bornfreeonekiss 
trans: @shinkipeia