14 May 2012

[PIC] Jaejoong Fashion Style From head to toe part 1

He has silky milky skin
Jaejoong is a mirror addict
This is Jae true personality even a daily casual wear still glam because his fair white silky milky skin and he loves accessories.

           Jaejoong loves boot since he is proud of his long curvy sexy foot and he loves elephant so much

                               Still gorgeous with glasses, sexy cutie big doe eyes.
                                         Jaejoong is a cellphone whore too

Nipple and navel ring

full accessories yakuza? oh please kill me!

Beauty naughty image with haandcuff and double skull accessories

Jaejoong is lord of the ring since he was a baby
Teenager Jaejoong is a camwhore; in public internet booth is fine!

related pic Jaejoong fashion : 

He looked very simple when he is on stage or formal performance but actually his personality rather glam since he likes accessories very much and more over he has fair soft smooth skin which looks glowing. I think he likes boots and accessories, that's Jae's style.


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