05 May 2012

The Truth about SM Entertainment, DBSK Mistreatment, What DBSK had been through

My friend found this on a site and I want to share it with everyone who is a DBSK fan. Another thing, I DIDN’T write this okay? So whatever is written here is written by the person who originally posted this. I disagree with what the person said about BoA as any of her fans will. Again, I didn’t write this!!
“Okay - here’s how the whole story goes… Lee Soo Man is the head producer - he’s basically in charge of everything that goes on in SM… (SM used to stand for Soo Man but it’s something else now..I forget…Star something…) He’s like..completely horrible! I mean, personally, I have nothing against SM the label, it’s more like..the people who run it.

There’s a saying in Korea that states: “If you don’t make it with SM then you can’t make it anywhere.” It’s actually half true. The reason Shinhwa broke away from SM is that they couldn’t stand not being able to participate in recording their album (like writing songs, being more active in the whole process, not being controlled), and the only reason why they’re still doing fine is that their fan base is HUGE and the fans are VERY supportive of their split from SM. (I LOVE SHINHWA! *random* ) Shinhwa was fed up with their songs being controlled, and fed up with being hit and bullied by SM managers. -__-;;

As for HOT not getting back together, it’s really crappy. Moon HeeJun from HOT went solo, as you may know, and after his first album, they withdrew funding from him and decided to focus on the “hotter, newer stars” like DBSK and BoA. Basically, he was left on the back burner and left to fend for himself. He released his later albums from money in his own pocket and donations from loyal fans. Awww…

Basically, when you get old/get less popular in SM, they just leave you to rot. They’ll discard you like an old sock. SM controls your life - when you sign on, you’re basically signing away your soul. When DBSK was first formed, Soo Man gave the order to put the boys on a water diet (they basically starved the boys to the extreme) to make their faces slimmer so that they look better in pictures. They often try to get artists to get plastic surgery in order to boost their appearances. No joke. SM goes for looks first, then talent. (They got lucky with DBSK - looks AND talent.)

Rumor has it (and I’m pretty sure it’s been confirmed, at least, according to my sources…) that SM hits/beats their artists whenever they make a mistake, and often they are driven to sickness by exhaustion and fatigue. Remember when Micky/Yoochun was in the hospital with appendicitis? Yah..there you go…

The probably only exception to the abuse is BoA, SM’s favored artist, of whom I’ve heard indirectly from her coordinators that she’s really stuck-up and really bossy. Hence, I do not like her (I never did.) - sorry BoA fans! (By all means keep liking her if you do!)

When the whole scare that DBSK was going to be rotated came around (meaning winter-spring time this year), did you see the members cry at the perf.s and such? Well, I believe they were screamed at, then hit around, and they were banned from going to any press conferences. They were split up (put into different rooms and such) and they weren’t allowed to discuss anything regarding it. I believe if they were going to rotate, they had announced that JaeJoong and Yoochun would be the first to leave because they “cause so much trouble”.

If the fans did not stage the boycott of SM goods, I believe they really would have rotated DBSK. Plus the fact that Changmin is still a minor and their parents can still sue SM under their contract.

So…if SM is so horrible..why would you sign on under it?

Because, it gives you FAME. SM is RUTHLESS when it comes to making it to the top, and you are almost guaranteed some sort of fame. Secondly, THEY PAY FOR YOUR COLLEGE. They give you all these opportunities that are probably pretty good. …I believe (I remember reading this) an average SM group like DBSK makes around 3 CENTS or something per album/single they sell. That split 5 ways is less than 1 cent per member. Yah - in the end, it may add up, but really, SM just sucks out the profit. It’s a money making machine in the entertainment business. SOO MAN TAKES MOST OF THE PROFITS HIMSELF - HE IS LIKE…ONE OF THE RICHEST MEN IN KOREA.

Basically…Lee Soo Man is running this company that controls everything that goes on in their artists’ lives. Although he’s NOT THE PRESIDENT, he has the MOST POWER. Don’t ask me how that works…I’m not sure… -__-;;; Even the president resigned this year due to everything that’s been going on. Basically…I CAN’T STAND LEE SOO MAN. He deserves…really bad things to happen to him. -__-;;;


1. what do you mean by being rotated?? do you mean breaking them up??

What happened was…if you look at other SM groups, there usually is one or two lead singer(s) and the rest are rappers (those who can’t sing as well but look pretty) or back-up singers. When DBSK was formed, they put 5 would-be “lead singers” (like - if they were all in different groups, they would all be the lead singers) together, and of course, it was very successful. HOWEVER - here’s where the rotation part comes in. When SM was really gunning for their girl group SES (remember them? with Shoo, Eugene, and Bada), SM took them to Japan and China to gain more ground in the Asian music industry. But what happened was that when they left Korea, a new girl group was debuted under another company…you probably have heard of them too…FINKL (with Hyori, etc.) After the whole fiasco of FinkL becoming very popular in Korea and sharing SES’s level of success (SES fans shifted to FinkL for the time being when they went to Japan and China), SM vowed to never have that happen again - to always have their artists be ..1 in Korea. So what did they do? They had this crazy idea to make DBSK a rotating group. That means when DBSK goes to Japan/China/other places, one or two members will be taken out to work with other groups/on solo projects in Korea, as to maintain DBSK popularity in Korea and eliminate rival groups. The original 5 would basically not perform with each other anymore - there would be like 3 or so originals, and 2 or so rotated members. The original members would all be rotated in and out in between solo projects and other group projects. Crazy - yes I know - but true. SM is one monopoly on the Korean music market.

2. what do they mean about Hiro and Micky causing trouble?? are they rebellious towards the company?? and if so, who wouldn’t be…

Jaejoong/Hero/Hiro: They have fan meetings/signings yah? Well, apparently there were instances where there were LONG lines to meet DBSK. There were instances where there are 5 separate lines - one for each member. Well, one time, there was NO ONE in JAEJOONG’S LINE (T_T awww…I so would have gone in that line if I saw that!) and the managers who were coordinating the event were like..to fans in the other lines.. “do you want to get into this line?” and they would be like…NO! (GOSH! THEY’RE SO MEAN/RUDE! T_T) And it made Jaejoong really sad. The other members encouraged fans to get into JaeJoong’s line, but apparently it didn’t work. SM was beginning to believe Jaejoong was getting less popular, so they wanted him to work on other projects first - as a result.

Yoochun/Micky: …I don’t know if you noticed this, but around the time they were announcing the rotation, he began to cry/breaking down during performances (which, I heard, he got hit for T_T) and in SM’s words… “causing trouble”. Therefore, they wanted to remove him from DBSK first also.

Yes - I agree - I would be rebellious too..except..you get punished for doing so…like..being starved and getting beaten. -___-;;

3. by the way how did Shinhwa manage to get out of SM??

What happened was…Shinhwa decided to switch entertainment companies because they had enough with SM’s controlling behavior (this was like..unheard of! Sm doesn’t allow their artists to switch companies freely, especially if they are as popular as Shinhwa… Shinhwa = money in SM’s eyes). They decided to move to Good! Entertainment, a brand new company with better management. SM couldn’t FORCE them to stay, because Shinhwa’s contracts had expired anyways (SM was seeking to renew, Shinhwa was seeking to move companies ASAP!). So, what did SM do? They sued Shinhwa for a bunch of stuff, and they claimed that if Shinhwa was to move companies, they can’t use the name SHINHWA because of copyright issues. Therefore, there was a battle so to speak in court, and Shinhwa ended up winning. They retained their trademark name and moved to Good! Entertainment. Most artists who move struggle because SM makes it their duty to make sure they are crushed by SM artists. But knowing Shinhwa, they already had a HUGE fan base that was more than supportive of the move. They staged a movement where when their 7th album came out this past year, NO ONE was to post downloads in order to encourage people to buy it, and many fans bought more than one copy of it. =)

Side note: I’d say SM’s biggest “rival” company is YG Entertainment - which manages artists such as Se7en, 1TYM, Taebin, etc. I don’t know - just my opinion. Hence, the whole…Se7en’s in Japan! DBSK must be in Japan too! thing…

THEN It was kimtaitai’s message on Abaka that really got me she wrote:


Hi~ I’m a current member of club H.O.T, and am a fan of the now broken up group, H.O.T. These days the group DBSK have been performing a lot and have caught my attention. Not only that, I heard that one of the DBSK members was a very big male fan of H.O.T., and that’s how I first started to learn more about DBSK.

As I watch the way they act and their performance, I couldn’t help but to think that they are very similar to H.O.T when they first started H.O.T is seriously the god’s to our generation, so for people that were born around 82, 83, etc.

No one probably understand what they meant to us...

After Seotaiji and boys broke up, H.O.T. saved the kpop music scene that was completely dying out. All the teenagers were pulled into H.O.T., and within a year of their debut they received the top music award. Out of all the major awards that H.O.T received, there must be awards from at least 10 different music/television companies

When I see DBSK right now, the past H.O.T. fills my mind. I was a freshman in high school when H.O.T. first debuted. Now I am 22, and even today, when I go to performances or concerts, I am looked as a young girl.

I heard that the majority of DBSK fans are junior high students, and although many people say that they are young fans,

we were exactly like that too. Whenever people saw us they called us H.O.T fanatics. But then what about now? Even after 8-9 years we are still here watching over them.

We hope that all the DBSK fans follow in our footsteps.

Liking H.O.T. for about 9 years, I would like to give a little heads up and warnings about the company SM. I am someone that had a voice within the H.O.T fan club. So I know a little more about the company SM, than most fans or normal people. At this moment, many H.O.T. fans have ventured out. There are some that have become stars, others that became famous peoples’ coordis, and even some that have been hired into SM. Through these people we have learned that, what we believed to be unfair treatment by SM, in reality, was very much true. SM claimed that the 2nd H.O.T. was blackbeat, but after their failure they tried once again, and that group is DBSK

Silently leading the group with wit and talent, YoungWoong JaeJoong. He is like MoonHeeJun. Leader in dance, with the aura of a tough guy, but sometimes very cute, UKnowYunHo. He is like JangWooHyuk. Lived in the states, and able to speak English, very charismatic and outgoing, MickyYooChun. He is like Tony. With looks that can be looked as almost famine, and the image where you want to take care of him, ChoiKangChangMin. He is like Kangta. Looks that can be looked as average, but the type of person that the more you see the more you like, XiahJunSu. He is like LeeJaeWon.

Two group that really have a lot in common, DBSK and H.O.T. Maybe that’s why, but we H.O.T. fans are genuinely scared that

the DBSK fans will have to face the hurt and disappointing ordeals we had to go through. Especially because all of you are so young.

Cassiopeia fans…

SM is honestly a dangerous place. As you like DBSK more I am sure that your hatred for SM will only grow.

The first time H.O.T. began to get battered by LeeSooMan was during the beginning of their 3rd album. I’m not sure if you heard their 2nd album song, “Heng Bok” That is the song H.O.T. received the DaeSang award, and the album after that for every little mistake, they were hurt.

At that time, I believed that no matter what, it was merely just rumors. Slowly, everything I believed were rumors, were slowly turning into realities. By any chance do you know of Andy of ShinHwa’s incident?

For awhile he was on stage wearing a mask wasn’t he? SM said some unbelievable stuff saying that he ran into something

or that JunJin fell while taking a shower. Everyone continuously told us different things. The important factor is that they ran into something or fell, but why was only his mouth hurt? How come there were no signs of anything near their forehead or nose or any other facial part?

A few days before, Andy went into the SM building, and when he came out he was wearing a mask, which many fans noticed. Honestly, at that time I didn’t believe it.

After JTL left SM, even after they released their album, they weren’t able to properly perform for a good 2 years. Their schedules continuously got mysteriously cancelled, and on cable t.v. their music video was not even showed ONCE.

That wasn’t the famous SM-JTL boycott.


SM went to every television company and threatened that in the case they brought JTL onto their broadcasting list, SM would pull out all their singers from that company. Many fans called JTL’s company “YeJun Media” and asked what was happening, but even from there they did not know.

This is a famous event, It was when MoonHeeJun’s 2nd album was supposed to come out. Fans were sleeping in front of HeeJun’s house, when HeeJun’s mother came out and began to cry like no tomorrow.

She was begging to the fans to save HeeJun… “Please save my HeeJun…”

HeeJun’s first album sold 600,000 copies. But SM said, “Merely 600,000?!” They said they didn’t want to invest in his 2nd album. So for HeeJun’s 2nd album, his music video, and jacket pictures… he poured out his own money and savings.

Everyone. Buy their album. That is helping DBSk.

Whenever H.O.T albums came out, we fans bought AT LEAST 2 copies. That’s the only reason whenever a new album came out they were able to surpass 1 million album sales.

And for that fact only… that’s the only reason the members were able to collect a little bit of money. H.O.T. boys… for every album they received approximately 2 cents. After Boa released her first album, she received 50 cents per album. For five people if it’s 2 cent, that means its not even a quarter cent per person.

Then you might ask… “What about the commercials and photo albums, and all the other side things H.O.T did?”

To keep it simple, the only money H.O.T members make is through album sales. Any commercials, and any shows, anything,

all that money goes to SM. So its basically an unjust contract, a slave contract.

We heard that the contract between DBSK and SM is immense, but that’s not always a good thing. When one leaves SM you must pay a fee that is much higher than the contract, and basically its to stop singers from leaving. Not only that they will take out a percentage of one’s profits if one leaves.

Do you think the term “slave contract” came out of nowhere?? DBSK right now…they are probably having a really hard time.

Do you all know this? The president of SM isn’t LeeSooMan but, KimKyungWook.

To put it in lament terms… Although on paper KimKyungWook is the president, the person that makes all the decisions is LeeSooMan.

The reason, SM has done a lot of illegal things. And if those acts are caught, someone needs to be blamed. So LeeSooMan screws up, and KimKyungWook takes the blame. If you look at it KimKyungWoo is a slave too. An SM slave.

H.O.T.’s old manager is currently working for a very famous company. That person once said that H.O.T. are kids he truly feels sorry for, and so they were kids that he wanted to save. That person tried to take H.O.T. out of SM, but got caught by LeeSooMan and was immediately fired. Right now he is working at SIDUS and is producing the group G.O.D. That is the reason LeeSooMan hates G.O.D. so much. So much to the point that any radio show SM singers host, he makes it clear he doesn’t want to hear them putting on G.O.D. songs.

Even though slave contract, unjust contracts are against the law, LeeSooMan is living quite fine. He is truly a rich man. Someone with so much money it is unbelievable. Although he waste a lot of money, he always has more.

We raised SM and then we were stepped on by SM and died. All the money that came in from H.O.T was invested into BoA and all the money they invested in BoA is being currently relearned. But now H.O.T members have encountered so many scars, and they are slowly being forgotten by people.

Along with Club H.O.T who set records as a fan club.

We all are being forgotten by people. All of you will get older with DBSK. We were the same. We used to say that “we’re aging together,” and these days those words sound so sad

As time goes feelings will be stronger, and we sincerely hope that DBSK doesn’t endure the same scars from SM, as H.O.T. had. Don’t take the same hurt as we did. Within DBSK, create an awesome fan culture.

With every childless statement, the fan image is slowly ruined. Become fans that think about what you say, when announcing you are their fans. Don’t ever be faltered by any rumors, and always trust the member. Singers will never betray their fans.

Please don’t do things that they don’t like. You shouldn’t ever make 
your favorite singer feel disappointed n you. If you are going to
believe this and that, or just move on to someone else, then don’t like them from the start. It will only be scars upon that singer/group. As you grow older, even if you find a boyfriend don’t ever forget that you are DBSK fans. At first it may just be a fantasy for you but as time passes and as you grow older you will realize that they mean a lot more to you than you know

In your heart, you will never forget your younger days when you were their fans… please make sure it is only memories that you will not regret… “

Credit: AsianFanatics and In:Com 

2 Article:

Ok, im addicted to forums, so on this other forum i found this post thing…im not sure if im supposed to post it anywhere else or what…would you believe how cruel SM is…?!?! and please stay calm while reading although i went all angus and threw a spaz at my computer cause i couldnt hold it in…

1. Being violent

Once, the youngest member in a group went on stage with a mask. People revealed that he was seriously beaten up by the recording company the day before and his face was really in a bad condition. But still, he had to go on stage and tell the fans that he fell down in the bathroom. Another member from the same group had an injection before going on stage of their major concert. That was because the company hit him till he broke his bones, but it was impossible to cancel the concert, so he had to have that injection. And the concert wasn’t like others, which is one show per day, but it was twice a day.

(Shinhwa’s Andy & Junjin)

2. Money factor

There was a group in Korea who was famous in the whole Asia. When they used to go China, the fans there gave them loads of gifts. In the end, fans basically started giving food instead, because for them, food is the most important thing.

While they were resting backstage, people saw them and the whole place was pretty messy with food packages all over. They don’t usually get to eat nice food, not because to go on diet, but because of the irresponsible company.

Most of the artists come as a group and after splitting the money, they’re left with very little. And the money had to be used for investments in other performances. Japan’s as bad as Korea. They take in thousands of young talents and train them for years. While training, the kids have to pay for their living and they won’t get a single cent. The thing is, the chances of being an artists is lower than the chances of getting into Harvard University. As they grow a bit older, they’ll probably be some background dancers with very little pay.

(The group is H.O.T.)

3. Andy

One of the famous thing about him is the ‘mask’ issue. He got bitten by Lee Sooman and had to wear a mask while performing. The company announce that he fell down in the bathroom and had 8 stiches.

Secondly, Andy was forced to leave Shinhwa and return to America, but with the fans insisting and shinhwa members’ unity, he finally got to return to the group.

Third incident, Andy took in 6 over headache pills and tried to take his own life. It happened on 22nd March, because he got rejected from a university and he wasn’t allow to go out of Korea due to national service incident. Thankfully his family heard his cry and rushed him to the hospital. But when he reached the hospital, he insisted not to get treatment even after his mother & grandmother begging him. The doctor in the end had to do it with force.

4. JTL

After JTL left SM, even after they released 2 albums, they didn’t get to perform properly. All their thight schedules were canceled by SM, and their MVs weren’t shown on TV at all.

Jang Woohyuk from JTL once written in his diary that they were supposed to be very busy cos it was the promotio season, but they were very free and doing nothing the whole day.


Actually the incident where Changmin got beaten is true. Lee Sooman wanted a female artist to be famous, so he wanted her to have rumors with Changmin in order to get popular. Changmin rejected it sternly, and LSM got really mad, so he asked other people to beat him up. He even stood there saying,”As long as you don’t beat him till death.” Changmin returned to the hostel and the 4 of them were there. Jaejoong nearly cried seeing Changmin’s bad condition.

There was another time where Lee Sooman dorced Changmin to work 3 days 3 night without rest. He got a fever as high as 38 degree celcius the next day and he didn’t tell anyone about it. Lee Sooman insisted him to perform, and on the 3rd day, he fainted. The 4 of them cried.

Another time where Yunho & Jaejoong got beaten by LSM and it was really terrible, Changmin kneeled down crying and begging LSM to stop beating the hyungs.

Yoochun cried on stage once and nearly got beaten up by LSM but he got saved by Dongwan as he asked the 4 of them to stay close to Yoochun to protect him.

Jaejoong got beaten once till his mouth was bleeding but he

had to say that he fell down accidentally.

Changmin once said that the reason why he was beaten by LSM and why he was always kneeling is to beg for the rest. LSM wanted to kick 1 of the members out but Changmin insisted that if he really have to kick one of them out, he would leave as well.

[[this is just another bit of info i found out]];

In Changmin’s drama, Snow Flower, he was supposed to film a “bed scene” with the female lead, Go Ara. As Changmin wasn’t experienced enough, (even he had not kissed before) he insisted not to film that particular scene. Lee Soo Man was very angry and he immidiately slapped Changmin really really hard when they are on the set in front of everyone because he wanted Changmin to film it. But still, Changmin continued to reject that scene so, the directors had no choice but to remove that scene.

6. Shinhwa
It was said that in order for Shinhwa to leave SM but still keeping the name, Eric’s family paid a huge sum of money for that. Shinhwa need to pay SM for being able to keep their name and continue singing their old songs.

7. Others

Other singer like Se7en and BoA suffered as well. BoA was trained since 13 and she’s not just lucky as what others think. It’s just that she is more ‘obedient’ and she listens to instructions.

The girl who wrote this didn’t really believe it. So she asked her Korean friend whether these are true. And to her surprise, the Korean friend said all these are just small matter compared to the real thing.

A/N: I really had a hard time believing this too, but seems legit. Now all I'm concerned is, if they treated people like this, WHY DID HOMIN STAY IN SM IN THE FIRST PLACE? I wonder what happened with SNSD and SHINee, so to all SONES and SHAWOLS and aff(x)tionates, be prepared. I love them so much, I can't bear imagining these things happening. I really want JYJ to buy HoMin and TVXQ's name. :( so, its up to you guys to decide whether SM is like this or not, but really, if it wasn't true, then Shinhwa, HOT and DBSK wouldn't file a lawsuit, and not to mention hangeng as well.

source :This document I found from fb, I do not know where the part 1, I just found this but I remember the relate article I found from a fanaccount I had saved in my document, may be part 1, I'll post it if I had found that.
So in that case if we loved our boys and wanted to help them to reach their dream as 5 member DBSK to perform on the stage as the most legendary prestigious grup ever live , oh no that's to much, just accompany our JYJ and TVXQ boys through this hard ship by giving them support making them feel easier and secure, we should trust our boys, protect them and bear with any hardship come to them over and over again, so that they feel not much hard comparing with giving our boys the burden by so much demanding for example; our Jaejoong should be got much more solo activity as lead actor so that his existance is powerful enough, or our Junsu has to be a lead actor on series too like Yochun  etc. If JYJ fans keep doing this so there will be scatered into JJ fandom, Junsu fandom and Yoochun fandom; for JYJ fandom beware of it! may be your fandom has been infiltrated by intruder who wants to provocate your fandom. Can we just trust them and give them support and smile and stay calm and move on to support JYJ and trust JYJ? 

I impresed with the answer in fb chatting when a fan complain of how she worried that people might forgot about JJ if JJ not too often performed on stage and not as lead actor in the series or film. I forgot their name but this kind of doubting JJ also has made my friends who are JJ's fans got mad and called JJ stupid too weak and why too kind to their friends and got dissapointed by this and do not want to open internet any more since they hurt to much and do not want to know how about JJ any more.

The admin answer that we should not doubted JJ. Jaejoong's popularity is not measured by how often he perform or as a lead actor or not, whoever doubted JJ is JJ's hater or fans who has provoked by hater who pretend as JJ's fans, so be careful. I love that principe.

I can understand their feeling because they care for JJ too much, fans worried and frustrated then they communicated or hang out with JYJ fandom that had been infiltrated by intruder who has been so proactive in provocating this fandom  by making fans of JJ  envy with Junsu and Yoochun activities so that they hate Junsu and Yoochun. This is not stop in this act but then provocating JJ fans to debate for something with different argument to make they hate or dissapointed and against JJ untill they hate JJ and leave JJ. That's what we should be aware of. Be careful, think deeper, bear with the hardship we got from unfair treatment by SME, media and Korean television, etc (the hardship not only you who feels like that but also our boys feel that for sure). 

As for fans of TVXQ Homin you should be smart enough and able to notice which words that Homin said was true from their heart and which words was told by SME or forced to said bad thing about JYJ and the words of Homin told by TV or newspaper who had been ordered to make you hate JYJ. Be smart! I had seen many Homin fans claimed JYJ split from DBSK; should blame on Jaejoong, be smart girl! 

But then you think like this, supose JYJ is such a threatened for Kpop why Government do not eliminate them? Didn't you think DBSK 5 was the more powerful and threatening for Kpop industries? so that's why they should be scatered or splited; may be untill 20years Kpop as export comodity to promote Korean product program is over, or untill there are many Kpop grup which reach the same level as DBSK. Who knows? Spliting DBSK into TVXQ Homin and JYJ is enough to reduce their power because fans will got frustration and some of them may leave JYJ and Homin and seek another fresh grup. Many people said only SME who has conflict of interest about attacking JYJ over and over, provocating JYJ and TVXQ fandom against the united DBSK 5 members make sense enough.

But then why Korean government show off JYJ in the official International events? Just to show the world that Korean still has human right for artist? JYJ is a symbol about this? We don't know may be there are many reason which public shouldn't know about it, kind of very complicated.   

I think mostly common people can not understand DBSK or JYJ songs or music because they are too dificult or too heavy for common people. Only certain people with very high taste or good sense of music who love it. So why DBSK and especialy JYJ should be destroyed? Actually,They are not a threat for Kpop industries, right? Common people must be prefer easy listening music of Kpop compare with heavy music of DBSK and JYJ. Even if Kpop or SME scared that DBSK or JYJ might be success in teaching people what is good music still many people can not understand this heavy music, they must be choose Kpop or easy listening music. So,... there must be something else and more complicated than you all thought, only DBSK; TVXQ and JYJ themselves knew exactly what was it. 

There are many theory about this split, and these are some of them, think about it and you decide yourself, and supose you got another theory let share it with us;

If you do research some vid interview or magazine interview in 2005 and 2006 many times Yunho said that he wanted to leave this management (SME). One I remember when I read magazine, Q; What will make you very happy? and Yunho answered; When I can leave this management. That time I was not the fans of DBSK or Kpop but I read DBSK article since the boys looked cute and they were often reported as The most famous boyband from Kpop and I began to listened their songs and begin like them a little.

In 2007 when I had become so addicted with Dbsk and Tohoshinki I read their interview how Jaejoong worried too much that their togetherness might be over, and I can smell something wrong. I thought how imposible They will be disbanded since they are on top as money maker?

I watched  tv news in my country when Sushow4 come that Kpop is 20 years Korean government comodity program, to spread hallyu n kpop wave to promoting Korean product. so the conclusion and many fans debated is reasonable that since 2008 DBSK success comeback is too popular around the world over the popularity of SME and Lee Soo Man itself who had been chosen by Korean government as Kpop and Hallyuwave leader. I've read many times that LSM and SME reported like that over and over again and invited many students from abroad to tour and witnessed how SME trained Kpop artist before DBSK getting too popular as in 2005.

But SME also had made mistake has  DBSK who is very good and talented and  teach people how to sing well and what is good song, this become a measure for next coming  grup and make people demanding for new grups to be as good as DBSK. But have you notice that there are any grup as good as DBSK in Kpop? Non, all Kpop grup often did lipsync and  sang live only few number song, they just cover it by thick eyeliner, good fashion and insert many comedy scene for entertainment and boostered fanservice. 

The rule for artist is not  good enough so that the artist won't put their management in danger regarding for their upcoming artists, but DBSK is too good and SME made a big mistake so that SME has to take responsible about it, DBSK should be destroyed, but it is too obvious  because their frienship is too solid and their fans ( Bigseast and Cassiopeia) are too many. So this way is for a beginning the program to destroyed DBSK first move is spliting into JYJ n TVXQ Homin, then make their fans suspicious , envy, anger and hate each other. Then make inside each fandom fight so it will make JYJ slipt into JJ,JS,and YC etc. 

Do you know how many DBSK fandom version after DBSK split? there are JYJ fans, TVXQ Homin fans, Cassiopeia, Bigeast, DB5K, OT5, Yunjae and neutral fans who affraid from getting provocated by fake fans who had been infiltrated into each fandom to make them hate and attack each other. 

Tsk tsk, It scatered that many? But never mind if they can tolerate and respect each other as long as they support, trust  and love our all 5 boys or only love some of them but should respect others. Every body have right to choose what is suitable for their aspiration but don't hate other fandom especially hate our idols. DON'T HATE OUR IDOLS !

So DBSK  threatened  the government program, SME and Kpop; which means Korean economic life ; it means DBSK is Korean no1 enemy? makes DBSK should be eliminated especially now JYJ the most talented group? is it still possible that DBSK able to united with JYJ after 20 years government program over? we do not know the answer, we should ask the Korean government this explaination or......... SME? 

Aparently, this separation has been discussed very long time that DBSK should save JYJ first  because those time YH and CM got series so that they 2 cannot leave just like that, who knows SME trapped them after those series had finished, by not keeping SME sweet promise to make Homin obeyed and forced another scenario to sign up. 

Why TVXQ still stay in SME did you ever think this for sake of JYJ safety? who knows if TVXQ leave SME something very bad will happen to JYJ? we don't know anything except JYJ N TVXQ themself. May be they had common agreement which was best choice they had right now to be split like this.

Can you do some research or think deeper why our boys has to do all of this? and give us another theory? they do not a dump people, they smart enough to have plan for their future, no need to push them so hard or tell them what they should do, just give some inputs are fine but don't dictate our boys.. The song from TVXQ to send his girlfriend to a better safe place even though he has to separate, unable to meet his lover again, it means something deeper. Remember in DVD AAD 3 Yunjae couple talk Yunho's dream that one day Jaejoong will be the great composer of DBSK next album so that the world know his talent, and we all know that SME won't allow their artist to develope and become noticable as great artist. But it is okay if their artist ability is middle grade, not A grade like Jaejoong. It means Jaejoong is in danger,if you know what I mean.

Jaejoong has character as rebelious boy, doesn't scare anything or anyone and he is multy talented artist has sensitive delicate heart and fragile, Yoochun is from USA, a freesoul but he has asthma and as genius as Jaejoong, so in SME he is a rebel too. Junsu is type of delicate too, talented singer and will not scare to defend his friend whoever got in trouble just like Jaejoong. These 3 boys are trouble maker in SME since they do not like unfair rule and they had grown now not scared anymore. This means they are in danger.

Whatever you said to criticize our boys it is just give them more hardship like you who got torture and know everything clearly.Yeah right, Are you DBSK member or their family? No, we do not know anything or got those torture except our boys who have been there almost 10 years help each other and cry together and won't allow to tell anything they had been through there.

I think all up to our boys whether they will be 5 BDSK one day or keep spliting as JYJ and Homin TVXQ or take other else choice we do not expect, we should trust them that it is the best for them and I will support them all.

After all 3 and 2 members of group can earn much more money than 5 members but it is not their character, but I hope they will united as DBSK5 like Shinwha but continuing make sub grup as Jaemin with high pitch style, very amazing! or Yunjae duet; very romantic? 2M duet will be very sexy, and solo project too, etc; this way will earn much more money for DBSK5. Who knows they still devide their money equaly just like the same old days? O o, somebody who against this united DBSK5 might got mad with it if it was true, naa, Chill up it is too high to reach or may be the split like this will be forever, because the X factor that we do not allow to know, so do not expect too much or got frustration. Just enjoy their high quality of music and accompany them through hardship and always support them.

Well, let them choose what is good for themselves and let's see what will happen next if the circumtance make them better separated forever because that the best choice for their life then they won't be united. And if they choosed to be united then let it be. So keep calm and support our boys. Remember our boys's power is only their big number and solid fans. So can we trusting each other, not envy, respect each other, and forgiving and accepting  everything to lessen JYJ's and TVXQ's burden? 

Whisper ;Are you gonna push your wish to our boys untill they got depress and choose suicide like common Kpop artist had done before? Come on they had hard life enough to add much more for your wish; won't let them united as  DBSK5 because you feel JYJ or TVXQ Homin are too high popular for you right now?  

We do not know what will hapened next, but certainly this united is not so soon. May be SME will let them if they had been very old and their fans got rotten? oooh,  don't be so pesimistic, we do not know what will happen in the next, may be a miracle will answer our prayer, or the hardship our boys got will be payed by their glory and their happiness? Just wait and see, keep calm and support our boys.  

source : fanaccount, some DBSK vids, old magazines and fb


  1. This blog has really make me think about how much EXO or F(x), or SNSD could be suffering..., i hope SM has changed because I´d die for my idols, so I hope that has really improved, about Lee Soo Man I think he´s a son of a bitch, and he should DIE!!

    tsk tsk~
    And someone better should come .
    This is rather long but very informational.. and..interesting. Thanks for Sharing :)

    1. i know my reply is too late, but you actually believed all of what was written here? srsly? SM maybes strict with training, etc. but all of what was stated here was purely rumors made up by haters, tbh. and ofc the profit wouldn't be the same with all the members because they have individual activities.

  3. First of all you need to know that Its not Lee soo man 's fault!!!!! The CEO of SM entertainment is Mr. Kim Young Min, and Mr. Lee Soo man is not the CEO he never been the CEO, he is the founder of SM entertaiment but he is not the CEO, he is just a music producer he was the one who created BOA H.O.T fx shinee SNSD super junior,etc, he made them really well known thats why everybody in SM really respect him and he has a big part in SM !!!!!! BUT he is not the one who control all of the contract with SM artists, all of the contract matter belongs to the CEO and not Mr. Lee Soo Man.

    And about Lee Soo man beat the artists in SM its all wrong, he never did that, and you need to know untill now SHINHWA still really respect Mr. Lee Soo Man they once told the media, they really think LSM is their father, you can try google it if you didnt believe it


    1. Are u stupid or what, who can change the ceo its the chairman lsm. Lsm has tax problem before do u think he wouldn't use other blackship with same method like kim young min. For ur info shinwa now working together on many sm tv programs so of course they would say that. Keep blinding urself for ur self confidence sake sm supporter.

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  4. from what i see, i just think these are bullshit.. i never heard snsd/super junior/fx complaining sme.. about money, of course each member of the group will have different amount of profit, because sometimes the member have individual schedule, if the amount of profit is all same then its not fair, who gets the most schedule will get the most profit... and about sme leave their artist to rot i think its totally wrong... why? how long has it been since hot disbanded? yet kangta still appear every time sm town is held... if the management is bad, then sme will not succes, u can see theres only sme can held a concert that include all of their artist (sm town)... have u hear about "c-jes town"? or maybe "leon town"? well, i never heard that kind of things..;-)

    1. How long have u known sme, do u know trax, csjh, zhang liyin they all left being rotten in sme. Csjh is the best female group in japan even the only female group from korea who can top orican chart beat their junior snsd, fx but sme stop invest on them and not let them leave lt them rotten on the agency. Kangta is still famous in korea and china surely sme will not let go that kind of person and let him join smtown.

      Cjes singers are only jyj n gummy of course there wouldn't be cjestown, on many jj's concerts gummy was introduced as the duet partner introducing her to public no need for cjestown one jyj member is more than enough to fill in 3 days venue concert different with sm idols. Refrain yourself to say bad things about jyj.

      For your information sme on the verge of bankruptcy when it first debuting dbsk, they only can survive and become the biggest entertainment company in korea because dbsk are the most successful group throughout asia. Lsm was on a cia wanted list and run away to usa then he compromised with the government hence he could go back to korea because of tax problem, Boa was failed to come back to entertainment biz on 2012 n sme still keeps her because she was the ceo's girlfriend, sme's idols not all that clean. Check your facts before u argued on something nonsense.

    2. what are you smoking? nothing you wrote is true at all. kangta himself said he renewed his contract with sm 4 times.


      trax went to the army recently but they had a mini before they left. and they are collaborating with other artists. no one put them to rot lmao why would sm shoot themselves? when the artists make money, they make money. how would they make money if they put their stop their artists, unless there was a very good reason, for instance the Graces had issues so they couldn't work as a group, namely Stephanie had a bad back injury and then after she got well, she wanted to join the ballet company in LA so they took a break. Lina went to act and Dana and Sunday had a subunit. Stephanie even tried a solo gig after that. They are all still active in SM bc they renewed their contract with SM in 2010.

      And seriously, bad mouth SM all you want we all know that Cjes CEO even went to JAIL because he blackmailed Kwon Sang Woo. You are nuts speaking badly about someone when your bias's CEO is a criminal. lmao

      And since when did you not remember how much JYJ themselves lied about their lawsuit. First they claim they are minor investors and then we find out Junsu started the cosmetic company in China. And even their subsidiaries in China sued them for fraud. LOL You better stop talking when your side is dirty as it gets.

  5. You guys should really know the truth behind the split. You can find it here: http://truetvxq.blogspot.com/p/roadmap-to-truth.html

    PS: I am not a kind of person who'll just believe anything unless it was presented to me with solid evidences.

    1. Right! These people are nuts. Nothing written above have any proof and in fact, they are so completely wrong on somethings such as Chagnmin being in a drama Snowflower. Kim Kibum is the one that appeared with Go Ara. Shinhwa or HOT never filed lawsuit against SM lmao Oh god it's so sad the type of idiot that has the nerve to write such stupidity and worse that there are dumber idiots that believe it. I'm glad there is at least one person that is willing to look for proof. Seriously, this whole post is lol

    2. IKR?? people actually believing the stiff that was written here is really pathetic! some artists left due to their personal reasons, it happens even with other ent companies. shinwa never filed a laswuit, jyj was a betrayal and they were traitors tbh :(( some left also bec they couldn't handle the training but ALL korean entertainment are like that tho!! this is the reality of KEntertainment!! not just SM. former exo members departure was more like a greed for solo activities. Kris wanted to write his own songs, etc. but they just debuted! they were still rising to fame ofc you are still under SM control over the type of music. look at some of the shinee members now, suju, snsd, exo, they now have solo albums/singles themselves bec they already made a name for themselves. kris was just too greedy and ungrateful. tao was purely betrayal :(( sm gave him time to rest and heal from injuries but he still left :( fuck up all that ot10 promise :((

      im sorry but this post was the most pathetic and absurd thing i have ever seen. how far would you go hating sm tho??? lol they'll always stay number 1 while you rot in the corner writing stuff like this

  6. i think i have same idea with you.
    i always think that DBSK split up is not only money problem and cosmetic company issue.
    I always think that SME maybe want to split up DBSK for the next idol group to raised up. Well, it's hard to SJ or SNSD to raised up if their senior have that great talent. If DBSK not split up, I'm sure that suju will always compared, EXO will compared too.

    As i remember, Boa is one of SME stockholder so they cannot kick her up. her brother also has influence in kpop indurdries some ceo and song writter (Im forget, but i read they are in high potision).

    Well, it good for JYJ to move out from SME, they are doing well today. I think despite they hard to show up on TV, They are happier right now. But sad for HOMIN, I always pity on these two. they alway look so stiff and bit tired.

    well, hope they are doing well.

    1. first they are TVXQ no Homin - Homin is the ship name, not the group name.
      And before you say TVXQ or DBSK is for they 5 of them, no is not because when JYJ put a demand to SM it was to end the contract with SM and stop begin called DBSK, and Yunho and Changmin who stay have to fight against everything and they have sacrife so much for DBSK that is rally unfair you wont even call them tvxq or dbsk.
      Second you should really go to this place http://truetvxq.blogspot.com/p/roadmap-to-truth.html and find out what really happen, with sources of information not just gossips.
      With the thing that Sm split them up, that really doesn't make sense why would anyone want that their source of money stop so suddenly, and believe the would have found a way to make EXO as popular as it's today or Super Junior.
      And people compare them even today, people compare EXO and TVXQ because in kpop music they're consider as legends of kpop, they are one of those celebritys people bow when they see them because that's how popular and respected they are - no just in korea but in Japan-.
      So please, first consult various pages that have sources of informations, things like videos or links that show you the real papers or just to the voice notes; in that way you can structure a coherent image of what SM really is.
      A and another data that you may not of know and it's that in reality LSM have not been the CEO of SM since Shinwa and HOT, he form DBSK, GG and SJ but then he stop begin the CEO.
      tons of love. xxx

    2. first they are TVXQ no Homin - Homin is the ship name, not the group name.
      And before you say TVXQ or DBSK is for they 5 of them, no is not because when JYJ put a demand to SM it was to end the contract with SM and stop begin called DBSK, and Yunho and Changmin who stay have to fight against everything and they have sacrife so much for DBSK that is rally unfair you wont even call them tvxq or dbsk.
      Second you should really go to this place http://truetvxq.blogspot.com/p/roadmap-to-truth.html and find out what really happen, with sources of information not just gossips.
      With the thing that Sm split them up, that really doesn't make sense why would anyone want that their source of money stop so suddenly, and believe the would have found a way to make EXO as popular as it's today or Super Junior.
      And people compare them even today, people compare EXO and TVXQ because in kpop music they're consider as legends of kpop, they are one of those celebritys people bow when they see them because that's how popular and respected they are - no just in korea but in Japan-.
      So please, first consult various pages that have sources of informations, things like videos or links that show you the real papers or just to the voice notes; in that way you can structure a coherent image of what SM really is.
      A and another data that you may not of know and it's that in reality LSM have not been the CEO of SM since Shinwa and HOT, he form DBSK, GG and SJ but then he stop begin the CEO.
      tons of love. xxx

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  8. first they are TVXQ no Homin - Homin is the ship name, not the group name.
    And before you say TVXQ or DBSK is for they 5 of them, no is not because when JYJ put a demand to SM it was to end the contract with SM and stop begin called DBSK, and Yunho and Changmin who stay have to fight against everything and they have sacrife so much for DBSK that is rally unfair you wont even call them tvxq or dbsk.
    Second you should really go to this place http://truetvxq.blogspot.com/p/roadmap-to-truth.html and find out what really happen, with sources of information not just gossips.
    With the thing that Sm split them up, that really doesn't make sense why would anyone want that their source of money stop so suddenly, and believe the would have found a way to make EXO as popular as it's today or Super Junior.
    And people compare them even today, people compare EXO and TVXQ because in kpop music they're consider as legends of kpop, they are one of those celebritys people bow when they see them because that's how popular and respected they are - no just in korea but in Japan-.
    So please, first consult various pages that have sources of informations, things like videos or links that show you the real papers or just to the voice notes; in that way you can structure a coherent image of what SM really is.
    A and another data that you may not of know and it's that in reality LSM have not been the CEO of SM since Shinwa and HOT, he form DBSK, GG and SJ but then he stop begin the CEO.
    tons of love. xxx

  9. hi! thanks a lot for the long opinion :) it really helps me to understand a lot ;)

    if I may give you a little tips... please provide arguments, is what we call justification to support your statement (which mostly is fact), if you want to state your very strong opinion like you do above. it's just because, to me, finding a single fact in this long opinion is hard ;)

    p.s.: it's to avoid being named "10% rumour and 90% lies" ;)


  10. Years after this blog is posted, allow me, please, to comment and get to my point. Shinhwa "broke up" with SM not because of songs and bullying but because after their contracts expired, they were offered with individual fresh contracts and a promise that Shinhwa will continue as a group, but no longer a 6-man group. Meaning, one of them was no longer part of the plan, and unfortunately, that was Kim Dong Wan. Also, the individual contracts were somehow not fair for everyone in terms of money and exposures. I believe Eric Mun tried to persuade SM to even out the contracts just so Kim Dong Wan could still be re-signed but SM was unshaken. So that's the reason why Shinhwa decided to move out from SM and start a new life on their own.

    I maybe mistaken for this but this is what I remembered from Shinhwa's guesting in "Win Win".

  11. srsly this post is fucked up. SM maybe strict with their training, etc but beating up artists??? where did you get all of this? do you have proof? most of the big artists in korea have great amount of respect for lee soo man, if you don't believe this then look it up. this blog is nuts! shinwa never filed lawsuit, jyj left tvxq bec of uneven profit, but isn't it normal?? even shinee mentioned it in a variety show that they have diff profit due to their personal activities.

    some exo members left filing lawsuit, saying SM doesn't treat them well, but aren't all korean entertainment companies like that? I mean do you really expect to get 8 hours of sleep everynight?? even monsta x (not under sm) members said that they only get 1 hr of sleep or sometimes none at all. and mind you, Tao left SM bec of his greed for becoming solo. dont get me wrong im an exo-l, I love Tao but if you are really an exo-l, you couldn't deny the fact that out of all the three members' departure, tao felt like a betrayal, tbh. he promised us ot10 saying he wouldn't leave, but look what? and people are saying SM doesn't give him rest, etc. SM GAVE HIM REST. THEY GAVE HIM A BREAK. TO REST AND TO HEAL FROM HIS INJURIES AND STUFF FOR WEEKS OR WAS IT MONTHS?? but he still left.

    every korean idol gets overworked, not just SM. shinwa still has great respect for SM tho. and JYJ's departure was like a betrayal, they were traitors for some tho :((

    people should stop with this trend of "hating SM" "big three privilege". you can hate or leave nonsense and terrible rumors about sm (like this post!) but SM is still number 1 tho!