13 October 2012

Jaejoong got 1 million followers, JJ's problem with biological mother, Pics of JJ's caffeehouse, Jackal is Coming and Stage Greeting on BIFF 121005

Pic of Jaejoong celebrate got 1 million followers

NEWS] 121011 Kim Jae Joong Tells His 1 Million Followers He′s Working on a Song

Kim Jae Joong opened up his studio to show how he works.

On October 10, the singer tweeted, “I′ve been writing a song, but I can′t seem to continue because ofGangnam Style. I inserted the melody for Gangnam Style in the guide for fun, but I can′t take it out.”
He then added, “I′m working with Flowsik! And now I′ve got 1 million followers!” and attached a photo of himself working in his studio.
Kim Jae Joong has continuously showed off his skills as a singer/songwriter, writing lyrics and songs since his TVXQ (DBSK) days. He wrote the lyrics for the tracks in JYJ′s albums and his OST pieces for his dramas Protect the Boss and Dr. Jin. He also recently presented his fellow member Kim Junsu with his self-composed piece No Gain.
Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Is the work for your film The Jackal is Coming? Or for JYJ′s second album?” “So this is where all those beautiful melodies come from,” “I′m looking forward to it” and “So Kim Jae Joong has been taken by Gangnam Style too.”
Kim Jae Joong appeared at the red carpet event for the 17th Busan International Film Festival held on October 4 as the lead of The Jackal is Coming.

Photo credit: Kim Jae Joong′s Twitter, JYJ′s Facebook
Credit: enewsworld

[TWITTER] 121011 Jaejoong Twitter Update~ Celebrating One Million Followers

[TRANS] Working with our Flowsik! But it’s one million!
(T/N: He means that he’s working now but he still want to go online because he got 1 million followers)
Credit: @mjjeje
Translated by Hannah @ PrinceJJ

[PICS] Jaejoong’s coffeehouse: Coffee Cojjee

Coffee Cojjee are selling those teapot for 35,000 Wons!!
Credit: 梦jaejoong, @luvjey....and here are other pics;

Something about permit with Jeje’s name on it ^^
Credit to the original owners
Inside of Coffee Cojjee~ 
(cr. doctor126)

RT @5StarsAs1: The meaning behind the name of Coffee Cojjee (커피코지). 커피 = Coffee 
코지 (코끼리 & 지지) = Cojjee (Elephant&Jiji;). 

코지 is an abbreviation for elephant & Jiji in Korean! ^^ 
Also, bringing the meaning of 'cozy' when you pronounced it! Such a thoughtful name ^-^

source: PrinceJJ and FB credit on pics

[NEWS] 121011 JYJ Kim Jaejoong Surpassed 1 Million Followers in SNS, Showed Boundless Power

JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s followers on twitter has exceeded 1 million.
On Oct 10, congratulatory messages have come one after the other with the hashtag #Jaejoong1Million, making it a hot topic with the hashtag making it on worldwide twitter trends. Fans around the world participated, showing Kim Jaejoong’s boundless power.
Kim Jaejoong is a star famous for using SNS as a way to communicate to his fans by tweeting behind the scene photos as well as reveal his and other members’ stories. Being active in SNS, his number of followers has increased steadily, not only in Korea, but also fans from different countries, so they can learn the latest news from him directly.
On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong will star in his first movie “Jackal is coming”.
Credit: Nate
Translated by @rubypurple_fan

[TWITTER] 121010 Jaejoong Twitter Update

[TRANS] I was about to write a song but I can’t because of Gangnam Style.. As I added Gangnam Style’s melody to the guide for fun, I can’t get over it.. ㅜ haha Me really..
[TRANS] I want to meet everyone! It’s okay if my head turns silly, so long as my heart does not become silly. My head/brain is used for calculating numbers, and my heart counts the depth of thoughts (i.e. for thinking/reminiscing.) Therefore i will not forget. (T.T)
[TRANS] And my feet is going ‘dong dong gu reu gi’, ikki obuki? I miss you! (t/n:I have no idea what’s ikki obuki)
(Note: ikki obuki may be ‘yes or no’ from Korean ‘ikki opki’ via @raiterie)
Ikki Opki is from Gag Concert (via @ChunYna)

Gag concert #있기없기 20120205

Credit: @mjjeje
Translated by Hannah @ PrinceJJ, Min @ PrinceJJ, @hellyryther
source: PrinceJJ

[TWITTER] 121009 Jaejoong Replied to Movie Director John H. Lee + Retweeted Junsu’s Tweet

[TRANS] Hello, director~ ^^ For “Meeting when the waiting ends.*” Heh.
(alternatively, the Korean Movie “A moment to remember” )
In reply to
John H. Lee to Jaejoong [TRANS] Nice to meet you~~ Jaejoong^^
John H. Lee to Jaejoong [TRANS] Reading those words, there’s something faintly nostalgic.. A present for our Jaejoong who is immersed in composing in solitude at night^^.. A nostalgic song by Kim Tae Won.

거미 동화 내 머리속의 지우개 OST

(Note: Jaejoong is now following John H. Lee on twitter)
Credit: @mjjeje
Translated by PrinceJJ & @alovelikewar

some new videos of JJ;
121008 JYJ 재중 JaeJoong E! News + MNET 부산 국제 영화제 Biff
credit; JJYCJS2
Jae Joong Exclusive Fan Meeting in Vietnam Greeting
[ENGSUBBED] 121009 Jaejoong Exclusive Fan Meeting in Vietnam Greeting

Jaejoong sisters mad at his biological mum for using jae fame?

following the news of jaejoong's younger sister debut as an actress many kfans were outraged and bashed jaejong's biological mum saying she was using jaejoong's name to gain fame. some fans even cursed her to die. jaejoong's non biological older sisters also posted angry rants on her twitter that seems to be related with it. jaejoong were upset about the news.
poor jaejoong he is stuck in between his two families. jaejoong's bio mum seems to care about her daughter only and mention his son only when she needs him. but jaejoong younger sister is a victim too, her movie casting got cancelled. his mum deleted her twitter account after all the bashings
here is the twitter trans
[NEWS] 121010 JYJ Kim Jae Joong and Song Ji Hyo′s Poster for ‘The Jackal is Coming’ Released

The posters are here!

JYJ Kim Jae Joong’s upcoming movie, The Jackal is Coming released its official posters, showing black and white photos with eye-catching pink taglines.
The posters were released on October 10 for each of the actors, including Kim Jae Joong and Song Ji Hyo, who are the main leads for the movie.
Song Ji Hyo’s catchphrase read, “The legendary killer caught by Leon, acknowledged by Kill Bill,” while Kim Jae Jong’s read, “Ever shining, flower image, women killer, top star.”
Kim Jae Joong will be playing Choi Hyun, a top star with good manners in public, but a completely arrogant and rude man off the spotlight. Choi Hyun gets kidnapped by the legendary female killer.
The movie will premiere in November.
Photo Credit: Nomad Films
Credit: enewsworld

‘Jackal is Coming’ Poster – Jaejoong

click on pic to get large size



 credit;topstarnews via @100thero + Herose1

Kirsty Valentine
‎[INFO] Jaejoong’s ELLE magazine will be available Oct. 24th!

To be released Oct. 24th
The spread will be between 12 to 18 pages (out of 500 pages)! [according to Gmarket Japan and K-Plaza, respectively]
Estimate price range: ~$13.99 (plus shipping)
Preorder from possible websites: K-Plaza, Ebay, (will update with more later)
Credit: @sarithegate, @fathifaith, @126×204

[Non-fan account] BIFF 2012 – Kim Jaejoong That I Saw With My Own Eyes, The Star is The Star After All

I came to Haeundae  Busan where the International Film Festival was held. Rather than seeing the actors/actresses with my own eyes, I wanted to watch the greeting stage more. Friday, there were many greeting stages Haeundae. In order to see Kim Jaejoong, many female fans were there very early.
The greeting stage of <Code name: Jackal> was at 5:40pm but people were there since 4:00pm.
I watched the greeting stage of <Cold War> then went somewhere. When I came back (to <Code name: Jackal> greeting stage), there were more and more people. Therefore, I couldn’t stand in the front rows but had to stand in the back view of the stage and could only see the behind of the actors.
Because of the fans’ scream, I couldn’t hear what they said. I mean, the atmosphere there was very pleasant.
Kim Jaejoong in real life looks exactly like what I saw in TV
He was laughing. I wonder what he was talking about.
Kim Jaejoong has very delicate features.
I want to say that he has all the reasons for young girls to like him.
My niece likes these boys (JYJ) a lot.
So, I sent her a message.
“Uncle came to Haeundae. Kim Jaejoong also came.”
“Did you see him?????????? Did you take pictures!!!????????????”
“I did but there are so many people here, the pictures don’t come out well. Want it?”
“What did he say? What did he do????”
During the interview, he turned around to greet the fans who were at the back side. It’s Kim Jaejoong’s carefulness. He’s really a star.
As time went by, more people came; the venue was filled with people.
90% of the people gathering here were women.
Photo time.
As expected of Kim Jaejoong, the star is the star after all. The scale is different.
Jang Geunsuk that I saw last year was also great but the female fans of Kim Jaejoong outshone in their attitude.
Credit: Blog Daum
Translated by Hannah @ PrinceJJ
Shared by PrinceJJ

“Jackal is Coming” Stage Greeting Event at Busan International Film Festival 20121005Photobucket


+ Download more from Jjongyun7 here
Credit: EKJJ, _babyjaejoong, Studio_Jay, xiahboram, 유헉, HeroStep
Credit: Cong, Nameless86, _babyJaejoong, Congjyj
source ; PrinceJJ
to be continued on next post.....

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