18 April 2013

[TRANS, VIDEOS, PICS and Tweets Compilation] 130413 Jaejoong’s Concert & FM ‘Your, My & Mine’ in Taipei, Jaejoong's Twitter Updates, Jaejoong scolds sasaeng fans and [NEWS] 130417 JYJ holds fan exhibition again ‘Big fan service’

130414 Jaejoong Twitter Update

근육도없는 비루한몸이지만 오늘오신 팬분들의 약속을 지키겠나이다..ㅜㅜ
이게 처음이자 마지막입니다.
운동하고 다시 오겠습니다..
암튼 재밌었어요~지금까지모든투어 관람하러와주신 모든분~!감사합니다~!!!!!!!! 

Although this body is nothing much, even with no muscles, I have to keep my promise to 
those who have came today..ㅜㅜ This will be the first and the last as well. I'll be back again 
after I exercise.. Anyway, it was fun~To everyone who had came to watch my tour till 
now~! Thank you~!!!!!!!! 

cre: @bornfreeonekiss 
trans: @shinkipeia

[TWITTER] 130415 Jaejoong Twitter Update – Sexy Selca

[TRANS] Let’s gain weight today too~~~!!!

15 april 2013
Credit: @bornfreeonekiss
Translated by Hannah @ PrinceJJ
Shared by PrinceJJ

So, this is how Jaejoongie advertizes HP Moldir case? 

Cute, sexy, hot n smart!

  • Consider buying a house in tw
  • He was very cold at the hotel
  • He likes cold weather
  • Looking at fans now lol
  • What kind of impression with tw fans? Everytime e comes here tw fans are very polite
  • One of jyj members not him say the tw fans are the prettiest
  • Post it boards with questions
  • Questions in diff languages
  • There was some money on the board lol
  • Which part of the body are you most proud of when you’re naked? Lower or upper body? He said his face then he said upper body lol
  • Can u act out a person who has multiple personalities
  • He doesnt want to act lol
  • Where would you bring junsu and yc in taiwan?
  • He hope they can come this year
  • Special card lol
  • When would u marry me and bring me home lol
  • Timing to get married is about 9 years fr om now. That is my plan so dun think he can get married before that
  • Pls take care of your body
  • Of course i love everyone
  • Do you want to bring him home? Of course we answered yes lol
  • Quiz show now
  • Fans will come on stage to answer questions
  • Choosing fans now
  • A lot of fans called fr our row. Of course i am not called. #noluck lol
  • Did you eat anything memorable here? Xiao long bao 3 flavors
  • He never went to night market
  • Mc recommends stinky tofu but he ate it already
  • He doesnt really get pimples. Ok mr flawless lol
  • He slept for 2 hours if busy. If not 9 hours. Mc said he so handsome
  • Fave food in tw?
  • Nobody hot is right
  • Does he always wear earring? He doesnt always wear earring
  • A fan just hugged him lol he was so surprised
  • Fave place in tw? Taipei 101
  • His ideal weight? 62 kg
  • What time does he usually sleep? Is it 3 am? No it’s not
  • Do u like tall women?
  • The winner is tall www
  • He has to wear higher shoes lol. Now he regrets that he is not taller lol
  • Speed quiz now
  • Visual shock lol pic.twitter.com/Ok7MsDnor3
  • Charades now
  • Picking fans now for the charades
  • Why do u like rock music? He likes rock since he was young. With his rock album he likes it more
  • What is your eventual dream?
  • He wants to sing til he dies
  • Got giraffe and rabbit lol
  • He kept on saying pass lol
  • He got his name right. Good lol
  • He’s amused by the fan so cute
  • Fan said taiwanese food. Jj was like ahhh i know then said Pass! Lmao
  • Haha hs just imitates the fan hahahaha
  • His english good. Fan said library in english and he corrctly answered lol
rubypurplefan 2
  • He is confused on who is the winner coz he remember one fan got 3 pts
  • His mood is really good
  • Hahaha mc kept on telling him to buy a house lol
  • Mine mv now
  • He put a lot of effort in this concert
  • To make it more meaningful to fans
  • Listen to everyone story and people to listen to mine
  • Today second story my
  • Change clothes wohoooo
  • Jaejoong the cook lol
  • Violet sweater www
  • Same apron
  • Will u cook for your wife in the future? Of course
  • Rabbokki again~
  • Do you want me to make a recipe book with photobook? Fans said yes. JJ said ok! Haha
  • Haha jj told the mc u dont know this ingredient? Tsk. Lol
  • Water is not boiling yet so i cant start lol
  • Fans are chanting gwiyomi lol
  • Why do you keep asking me this when i’m the most nervous?! Lol
  • He’s scared that his friends will see this loll
  • He’s doing it lol
  • Kiss b hahaha
  • His expression was like let me cook first lol
  • Singing now omggggg
  • This is the longest kiss b omgsun
  • I have this perpetual smile while he’s singing /sighhhh
  • When he’s older he’ll think of opening his own restaurant
  • He said it’s very spicy
  • If you cant take the chili select new people lol. He likes spicy food
  • I dont look at recipes. I just cook, inborn talent. Ok mr kim you chef lol
  • He created fusion food spaghetti with chili paste lol
  • Dont worry there is water lol
  • He said today dish is the best
  • But let me try first lol
  • Jj feeds the mc
  • He gave napkin to mc
  • Ohh jj tasted the food and said it’s perfect lol
  • Mc said kim jaejoong in the interest of time can u pls do it faster lol
  • He put a lot of food:)
  • Fan said she wants jj apron. Jj was like do u want to eat my apron? Lol
  • Photo time
  • Photos were taken yeaterday but some he doesnt know lol
  • The one he tweeted yesterday
  • So cute cant take photo
  • He cant remember when he took the photo
  • Do u train so u could have good chest muscle? No. Im born with it. Okay mr kim lol
  • I am not confident in my body now
  • He said how you see him on stage is what you also see off stage
  • Some artists go to salon before going to airport to do makeup and hair. Asfor jj, he goes directly from house to airport
  • Half naked oh yeahhhh
  • He has a lot of ~questionable~ photos but he is not sure if he can post it on twitter lol.
  • Mini con
  • Mc asked him to give the water bottle he drank from. Jj said no coz he has virus now and dun want to pass to his fans
  • Seems like there are a lot of male fans today too^^
  • MC is out #JaeFMConInTW
  • Jae is out! #JaeFMConInTW
  • Jae is in long sleeves black shirt^^ #JaeFMConInTW
  • Jae greets every section of the fans, bowing ^^ #JaeFMConInTW
  • One of the fans pin a fake NT1000 on the message board. LOL #JaeFMConInTW
  • Q: Which part of his body is the most pleased with? Jae : Upper body
  • Asked Jae to act out someone with spilt personality. #JaeFMConInTW
  • A fan made a 3D message card. #JaeFMConInTW
  • Jae is 62 kgs now *really >_> Jae*
  • He said he doesn’t usually sleeps at 3am. #jaefmconintw
  • The last survivor seems to be taller than Jae. XD #jaefmconintw
  • The winner took a photo with Jae. #jaefmconintw
  • Next segment : Fans act and Jae guess.
  • Sings till he dies~ that’s Jae’s wish. *support to the end* #jaefmconintw
  • Jae’s favorite place in TW is Taipei 101 coz that’s the only place he’s been to. XD #jaefmconintw
  • Naughty Jae made a ‘V’ ✌ above a fan’s head and she didn’t see but his action was captured by the camera XD #jaefmconintw
  • Just now a fan wanted to pass a question but Jae refused “No Pass!” *You naughty boy! XD* #jaefmconintw
  • Cooking segment now^^ Chef Jae! #jaefmconintw
  • Jae’s favorite flowery apon again^^ #jaefmconintw
  • Baby seems very proud of his cooking skills ^^ #jaefmconintw
  • Gwiyomi!!! #jaefmconintw
  • Fans asking for Kiss B #jaefmconintw
  • Singing Kiss B!! #jaefmconintw
  • OMO longest version of Kiss B so far! #jaefmconintw
  • Jae fed the MC #jaefmconintw
  • A fan from Singapore was chosen! #jaefmconintw
  • MC called Jae’s name in Chinese and he answered. Cute~ #jaefmconintw
  • Jae filled up a huge bowl for the Singapore fan coz she flew all the way there. XD #jaefmconintw
  • Next up, photos segment #jaefmconintw
  • Mini accident : Jae scaled his hand~ >_< #jaefmconintw
  • LOL “@lilrachjeje: The rhino helm is placed on the table beside his bed”
  • Jae said his airport style is his own style ^^ #jaefmconintw
  • MC said to give away the water that Jae drank half. XD #jaefmconintw
  • Photo segment ended. Concert soon but now it’s the cute vid^^ #jaefmconintw
  • Concert starts with One Kiss #jaefmconintw
  • A male fan screamed “I love you” XD #jaefmconintw
  • JaeJoong is in playful mood…..
  • Mine MV ….
  • Fans demanded kiyomi from JaeJoong …he says please wait …
  • He sings Kiss B while cooking …..
  • OMG ….he sings without music
  • He puts in a lot effort in his album, showing mv
  • He says its too hot
  • MC is good ….
  • Cooking is perfect !!!! He is happy
  • Wow such a big bowl
  • MC asks fan does she want his apron … JaeJoong says let me think first
  • Everyone got a big bowl …
  • Paparazzi session
Megwu 2
  • Some photos are taken yesterday
  • His twitter selca
  • I am born with that muscle… lol JaeJoong
  • JaeJoong says he is not much different on/off stage
  • OMF ….i tasted JaeJoong cooking !!!!! Thanks to the fan who seated infront of us
  • His cooking is awesome ….
  • Leather pants
  • His voice is awesome
  • JaeJoong says Taiwan is my last stop …he loves his microfon stand ,will bring it home after the concert
  • though i loved ….
  • He believes that fans can feel his feeling via the song though they may not understand the language
  • New performance soon ..
  • He hopes that everyone having awesome night
  • He is trolling his fans ….
  • FOR YoU
  • Although this my last stop, but there will new performance soon
  • Mr Kim is in playful mood tonight ….
  • I love tonight version very much
  • This best live version ever !!!!!!
  • Omg the ending …..
  • Fanboy shouted his name
  • He is more confident at bigger stage,,, he says front row staring at him..he feels shy
  • Everyone i eat six meal a day …have i gained weight
  • He ate 9 meals since yesterday
  • He is trying hard to gain weight …pls wait till i grow fat then only we meet
  • He is trolling fans
  • He promise to take good care of himself so fans will always by his side
  • Mr Kim is seducing his fans
  • He asks fans to shout
  • I love this song…. Kim JaeJoong is brilliant ….so seducing
  • Is it an awesome song , right ?
  • Why I wear sunglasses when I sing this song ? >> No particular reason !!! LOL trolling fans again ..
Rinmaze 2
  • Fans and his love story … He is testing fan language
  • He asking for encore !!!!
  • He requested fans to shout or if its is too soft he won’t come out …
  • I’ll protect you
  • He is complaining why fans started to sing
  • He is enjoying …
  • He is so touched
  • Encore !!!!
  • He is amazed that fans are helping each other though it is a battle between left and right
  • Concert is Too short … ? But it is a mini concert
  • He promise to have longer and bigger performance
  • Fans stand up during MINE
  • Ended
Credit Live Update: @rubypurple_fan, @shadowjaejes, @kaloocapri
Credit pictures: rubypurple_fan, MegWu0312 Rinmaze, CY6002, Thongs6002, Jaejee, Yukisuetsuet, jaejeul, mtvkpop, J12150126
Compiled by PrinceJJ

 During the cooking session, a fan from Singapore was selected to go on stage and since she travelled to attend the concert, Jaejoong put alot of soup and food in her plate ^^ SO SWEET
During the game session, Jaejoong stared at the fans on stage for 10 seconds straight then smiled shyly xD  

credit pic to the owner

JYJ’s Jaejoong made some frank jabs at the behavior of sasaeng fans at the airport.

On April 14th, Jaejoong posted on his Twitter, “I came back to Korea in a good mood, and I’m even okay with you guys taking photos of me like photo journalists, but if a grandma and grandpa who were walking past you get knocked down, shouldn’t you at least help them get back up or apologize? Instead of getting in your car and checking to see if your photos came out well, can’t you go check to see if that wasn’t your own grandmother?”

Jaejoong returned to Korea after his successful ‘Your, My and Mine’ fan meeting in Taiwan on April 13. With his growing number of sasaeng fans, the JYJ member expressed his disappointment after these obsessed individuals caused disturbances at the airport.

Credit: dongbangdata

This is the video of sasaeng did....look carefully, you will see that Jaejoong always the main target since when he was member of TVXQ untill now when he is JYJ's member;

JYJ `sasaeng` fan controversy, do they deserve this?

JYJ's Kim Jaejoong shared some cute photos on JYJ Naver Line.

Jaejoong thanks his fans for Attending his “Your, My & Mine” Asia Tour. He wrote on LINE:
"Thank you very much to all of fans who came to my Asia tour until now!^^"

"I’m very grateful~ So, with my thankful mind, I’ll show you the poses that all of you wanted to see~^^"
"Cutie pose is always awkward when I’m doing a pose..ㅜ.ㅜ"
"But if you really want to see…….. "
"Am I gonna do ‘give & take’ through text like Yoochun and Junsu…ㅎ "
"If you really want…? "
"Heh! I think I’m doing ‘give & take’ now..?ㅎㅎ "
"I’m very very thankful I love you all!! Bye bye~~~~~"
and shared adorable photos. 

In the photos he shared, Jaejoong is seen doing the popular aegyo gwiyomi and looking really cute and  pretty at the same time, different from the usual image he shows.

What can you say about his cute poses?
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net

JYJ’s Jaejoong concluded his first solo Asia tour ‘Your, My and Mine’ with a successful fan meeeting and mini concert in Taiwan.

C-jes Entertainment stated, “Kim Jaejoong’s Asia concert finished successfully and he had a happy time with 4,000 fans in Taiwan. The concert features mini talk session, a speed quiz and a cooking session. It was largely loved by Asian fans. Especially, Taiwanese media was very active in reporting the concert, showing attention to every move of Kim Jaejoong.”

It is said that more than 50 media representatives gathered at a press conference for Jaejoong’s first solo Asia tour in Taiwan. Local broadcast company TVBS covered his Taiwan concert while other media like GTV reported their interest to Kim Jaejoong’s change as a rocker and his next move as an actor.

Jaejoong said, “Whenever I visit Taiwan, I receive energy. I often enjoy tofu in Taiwan, but I want to try some dimsum this time.”

NII will be holding a fanmeeting with JYJ.

Idol group JYJ who is the current endorser of NII will hold a fanmeeting on the 29th in Seoul. 80 lucky fans will be chosen to attend the event and meet the handsome members of JYJ. The event that the fans will be participating will be from April 17th at 10am to April 22nd afternoon for the Japanese fans. Fans just have to buy a product  from items listed only in the NIIxJYJ Event page of Qoo10′s website for a chance to receive an admission ticket for the fanmeeting.

Are you going to join this event?

After having a successful event last year, JYJ will be holding their ‘2013 JYJ Membership Week’ this coming June.

On April 16, C-Jes Entertainment announced that from June 26 to June 30, the ‘2013 JYJ Membership Week’ will take place at the SETEC in Gangnam district, Seoul.

“‘JYJ Membership Week’ is a large scale fan service event with JYJ Membership members hosted by C-Jes Entertainment. Last year’s event was visited by 22,000 fans and we will be making the event even better this year”, the agency stated.

President Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS Entertainment said, “There will be fan meeting, exhibition and JYJ contents film for free, and there will be no merchandise sales as well. Because of the fan’s big support, numerous companies wanted to sponsor the event, but we rejected them all. We just hope that many fans will be able to make special memories with JYJ.

JYJ Kim Jae Joong Selca...Honey-Like Skin And Full Lips, "Overflowing With Charm"


Kim Jae Joong Selca
JYJ's Kim Jae Joong showed off his brilliant good looks in Taiwan.
On Friday, Jae Joong uploaded a photo of himself along with the short caption, "Taiwan's great," on his Twitter acount.
The photo shows Jae Joong slightly raising his sunglasses and staring into the camera. His exceptionally light skin complexion has attracted much attention.Pouting his full, pink lips, he shows off his charm in the photo, stirring the hearts of many female fans.
Netizens who saw the photo showed various responses: "Even if the photo is a bit blurry, there's no hiding his honey-like skin," "His lips are so pink...I want to steal them," "His face is so white," etc. 
Jae Joong has been on his first solo Asia Tour since January. Kicking off the tour with a Seoul performance, he has since visited Thailand, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Nanjing, and Taiwan.

credit; Kpopstarz

[NEWS] 130417 JYJ holds fan exhibition again ‘Big fan service’

JYJ decided to hold fan event Member Ship Week again. C-Jes Entertainment announced, “There will be JYJ Membership Week from June 27 to 30 for 4 days.” JYJ’s fan exhibition JYJ Membership Week will be held at Seoul Hakyeoul Station SETEC from June 27 to 30 for 4 days.

It is a festival of fans that 22 thousand fans visited last year. Baek Chang-Joo, the representative of C-Jes Entertainment said, “JYJ Membership Week is a big scale fan service that only we can provide. There will be fan meeting, exhibition and JYJ contents film for free, and there will be no MD sales as well. Due to fans’ big reaction, there were suggestions of support from many companies but we denied. During JYJ Membership Week, we hope JYJ and fans can make special memories and show the fans how much JYJ love them.” A person from their agency said, “It took more than 3.7 billion won last year. We are expecting this year’s event to cost more.”

Credit: innolife
Shared by: WBC

Video Jaejoong behind scene Jackal is Coming:

Jaejoong & Ji-Hyo in Making of Code Name: Jackal

credit;Lux Lisbon

[OTHER TWITTER] 130417 BEAST’s Jun Hyung tweets about Jaejoong’s generosity

 photo 130417junhyungtweet.png
[Translation] Yesterday at filming Jaejoongie hyung secretly bought [us] a generous amount of chicken pizza.
 photo 130417junhyungtweet2.png
[Translation] Everyone had their mouth full eating the chicken pizza and had toothy smiles…
Note: On April 16, Jaejoong sent 100 servings of chicken pizza as midnight snacks for Junhyung and the rest of the staff members who were filming Mnet’s music drama ‘Monstar’. Jaejoong’s kind gesture was reported on South Korean online news outlets evening of April 17.
Source: @Joker891219
Translated by: pvtse of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

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Jaejoong, Fighting!

[PICS]130413 Jaejoong's Concert & FM 'Your, MY & Mine" in Taipei Part 1

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